Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F" evaluation action

2022-04-01 08:01
Compared with the previous theatrical works, the film returns to the fighting and humor of the Dragon Ball style. Although the overall story is not innovative enough, the large and vigorous action scenes still make Dragon Ball fans addicted   .
The golden Frieza form in the film is the debut of Frieza, who first appeared in film and television works. In order to deal with "Golden Frieza", Saiyan Goku, Vegeta and others also broke out their super Saiyan power, and turned into the blue-haired "Super Saiyan" for the first time. The blue hair shape this time is completely different from the previous yellow hair and red hair, and it has reached the god-level realm of Super Saiyan. The ultimate battle between the two is quite interesting. Compared with the confrontation between good and evil in Hollywood movies, in addition to being tragic, it also has a sense of humor   .
The victory or defeat in "Dragon Ball" is never absolute, from the surrender of Goku in the Sharu game, the lack of physical strength of the super three Goku in the Buu arc, to the "death together" in "Dragon Ball GT", and in "Dragon Ball Z: God and God" Goku also lost to Beerus, the God of Destruction. In this film, the unprecedented villain is resurrected, the remnants of Frieza's remnants of the remnant of the party restrain the black technology of the god-level super competition, and the unpredictable deterioration of the battle situation continues this unconventional drama   .
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  • Noelia 2022-04-10 09:01:08

    The villains of Dragon Ball are so heartbroken... Gohan is so big!

  • Crawford 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    Just rushing to the flamboyant and procrastinating from the beginning to the end and the ubiquitous little fun of selling cuteness are not considered as a bonus of childhood nostalgia, I have to get a 4 star first! Goku and Vegeta are really a pair of CPs... They're so sickly that there's no one else... The more they don't look good, the more they can't be separated. I guess it's these two.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F" quotes

  • Frieza: [English dub; after lost his golden form] No, this can't be real! This is not the weight, this ends!

    [pounds his fist on floor two times]

    Frieza: No! NO!

    Vegeta: [about to kill Frieza] At least, try to face your death with some honor... and don't dream of resurrecting again.

    Frieza: ...You can all go to hell, without me!

    [detonates the earth, But Goku stops Frieza]

    Goku: FRIEZA!

    Vegeta: [shocked] What? No!

    [Goku prepares to blast with a Kamehameha to kill Frieza]

    Frieza: [his last line] DAMN YOU, GOKU!

  • [English dub]

    Vegeta: Keep walking! I'm not going to thank you! It just means we're even!

    Goku: Take it easy, I didn't come to talk about that. I'm just curious... well, you think about Whis saying if we team up with these battles that people like Frieza wouldn't even have a chance to knock us out... Should we practice fighting together? In case, we need to sometime?

    Vegeta: [scoffs] I'd rather die if ever do that again.

    Goku: [laughs] Glad to hear it, Vegeta! I feel the same way!

    Vegeta: Huh. About time we agreed on something.

    [Goku laughs]

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