What We Did on Our Holiday evaluation action

2022-06-25 22:59
The film is an atypical British comedy. It has both a child's perspective and an adult's display. Communication, collision, contradiction, and compromise serve as prospects and backgrounds for each other. , and observe how the two worlds get along and change. The film explores family love, life and death by creating a family crisis, exploring giving and receiving, loving and being loved, and exploring the face of people. Of course, the focus is on how different the world of children is from the world of adults. It also made the relationship between the two groups of people full of confusion, full of expectations, misunderstandings, doubts, worries, and even panic   .
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What We Did on Our Holiday quotes

  • Jess: I like being sick. It's like being a fountain.

  • Mickey McLeod: She ate Granddads Swiss roll!

    Jess: I didn't mean to. It was an accident!

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