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2022-04-03 08:01
Vivian Maier and the painter Van Gogh had a similar situation of underappreciation, and their works were excavated and recognized after their death. She was never married and never had close relatives or friends. Vivian worked in obscurity as a nanny in the suburbs of Chicago in the 1950s and 1960s, and no employer knew that she was also a good street photographer. Marginalized figures are the subjects of Vivienne Meyer's photography, including the poor, the elderly, minorities and children. Sometimes, on her days off, Vivienne spends her time with the children she cares about, or wanders into the city's shabby, unsafe "ghetto"-like places to find details about the lives of the poor, Photograph those lives that are rarely exposed. However, in her lifetime, she never shared her photography career with anyone   .
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    female Proust writing with images

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    Mysterious Vivian Maier. The documentary attempts to recreate the real Vivan Maier, but unfortunately the pieces can only show some one-sided images. Vivan Maier never intended to reveal her heart to the world, but fortunately, she did not hesitate to leave so many beautiful images to the world.

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