Dragon Lord movie plot

2022-05-12 09:14
After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, the general manager of the big family took advantage of the chaos to sell the antiquities to foreigners in order to make a lot of money. Longshan Town 's wealthy householder He Jinbi's son, Long, has superb martial arts. One day, he was out on a trip with a friend and accidentally entered Cheng's treasure. Fortunately, Wang Yuanwei saved him from death. However, this Haihuo took the opportunity to steal several treasures. Cheng was furious. More chased and killed Hai Live. dragon sometimeIn the middle, when many of Cheng's men were trying to capture Haihuo, Long and everyone came forward to save them. Cheng's men were angry and left in anger. Cheng knew that Long had hidden Haihuo in Wang Yuanwai's mansion, thinking that Wang Yuanwai was colluding with Haihuo, and ordered to kill Haihuo and Wang Yuanwai. The dragon launched a life-and-death battle to save people, and joined forces to defeat Cheng   .
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  • Luther 2022-05-12 22:37:50

    Barely passing, Jackie Chan, who was 27 years old at the time, has a very modern concept of film. A year later, he came up with "Plan A", and Sammo Hung came up with Five Lucky Stars. The live-action, flexible mid-scenes and Jackie Chan-yellow-struck are here, and it's nothing like the Shaw Brothers films of the 1970s. The story is a little thin, to chase Sydney involved in the event of preventing the outflow of national treasures, interspersed with the shuttlecock game and the final grab for sandbags, and there are advertisements for Daqianmen cigarettes on the side of the game.

  • Al 2022-05-12 22:58:51

    Jackie Chan's action scenes are still great in capital letters, with all kinds of punches to flesh and jumping up and down, and the use of equipment and environment to make every action scene that was originally bland come alive in his whimsy, The comedy part is also unequivocal. It can make you laugh today. There is no problem in hanging a bunch of theater garbage. Compared with the Hong Jiaban in the same period, it seems a bit boring. Of course, the plot is still weak. The love line is missing directly behind

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