Drunken Angel movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
In Japan after World War II, through the mixture of despair and hope, chaos and order, the people who are at a loss in the turbulent times are a metaphor for the helpless Japan after the defeat. Japan is devastated, filled with a hopeless gray picture of disease and unemployment. In Japan after the defeat of the war, Sanadais a poor community doctor who likes to drink, and he is good at treating tuberculosis . One day, the underworld leader Matsunagasought him for treatment due to an injury on his hand, but Sanada noticed the symptoms of tuberculosis. He persuaded Matsunaga to have an X-ray check, but Matsunaga didn't want to accept the fact that he was ill, and instead scolded Sanada Ichitsu and argued. However, after Matsunaga returned, the symptoms became more and more serious. After the filming, it was confirmed that it was indeed tuberculosis. He still accepted the treatment of Sanada despite his stubbornness. However, Matsunaga's gangster brother Okadacomes out of prison, and he gradually replaces Matsunaga in the gang and has everything. The terminally ill Matsunaga has nothing to do. Miyo was a woman before Okada. After Okada was released from prison, she wanted to find Miyo. Doctor Sanada knew that Miyo would live a slave-like life when she returned to Okada, so she did not hand over Miyo. Okada wants to kill Dr. Sanada. Although Matsunaga was sick at this time, he was moved by the doctor. He decided to save the doctor and went to the godfather, but the godfather abandoned him and gave Matsunaga's land to Okada. In order to prevent the doctor from being killed, Matsunaga assassinated Okada in order to seek an explanation for himself   .
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  • Willa 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    Except for Kumiko (that is, the cute little girl in Ozu's "The Flower of the Other Side"!), the whole film reveals the despair, the stinky ditch, and the rotten lungs. This society has no cure, and the doctor and the sick are all Same struggle. And people can't get out of this environment, they can only struggle... Mifune is really young, handsome and wild *_*

  • Dolores 2022-04-07 09:01:08

    The story of this arrogant bastard who refuses to see a doctor is too high... sloppy clothes and fighting with the doctor... drunk and ran to the doctor's place to roll the floor... help, I really want to give 100 stars out of selfishness... this movie should be It's quite appropriate to change its name to "Wild Dog", the story of a doctor rescuing a "stray dog"

Drunken Angel quotes

  • [Matsunaga is slumped in a chair, his hand bandaged up. The doctor brings him a glass of water. Matsunaga drinks and starts coughing. The doctor looks at him, but goes back to what he was doing]

    Matsunaga: Gimme something for my cold, too. Can't seem to shake it.

    Dr. Sanada: Your high living substantially increases your risk of tuberculosis.

    Matsunaga: I'm hardly the type.

    Dr. Sanada: There's no type. Don't kid yourself into thinking there is. Athletes get it all the time. TB can creep up on anyone. Trouble with tuberculosis is that you don't feel a thing. By the time the fever and coughing start, it's too late.

    [He studies Matsunaga, who is lighting a cigarette]

    Dr. Sanada: You scared?

    Matsunaga: Scared? You talking about me?

    [He scoffs and flicks his cigarette away]

    Matsunaga: I'm no coward! You're really full of yourself. I hate doctors! All you do is exaggerate to make more money.

    Dr. Sanada: Oh, yeah. A doctor with five TB patients is riding a gravy train.

    [Matsunaga coughs again. Dr. Sanada scoffs. Matsunaga storms over to the doctor]

    Matsunaga: Fine. Let's have a look, then. See if it's TB or not.

    Dr. Sanada: But with what?

    Matsunaga: What?

    Dr. Sanada: It's pointless to use a stethoscope. That's all mumbo jumbo. Doctors only do that to look professional. But I'm happy to set your mind at ease.

    [He throws back Matsunaga's shirt, and thumps on his chest. He puts on a stethoscope]

    Dr. Sanada: But if anything shows up in this exam, you've had it.

    [He turns Matsunaga around and listens from his back. Sanada's eyes look serious and he looks at Matsunaga's back, then drops his eyes and takes off the stethoscope]

    Matsunaga: [impatiently] How am I?

    Dr. Sanada: Get some X-Rays.

    Matsunaga: I asked you how I am.

    Dr. Sanada: I need to see an X-ray to be sure, but you've got a hole this size.

    [Matsunaga is stunned]

    Dr. Sanada: Ignore it, and you can't last this long.

    [Matsunaga leaps to his feet and grabs the doctor]

    Matsunaga: I'll kick your ass if you're lying!

    [He throws Dr. Sanada onto the table and tries strangling him]

    Dr. Sanada: I'm not lying. Cut it out.

    Matsunaga: You're lying!

    Dr. Sanada: You jerk, I'm not lying!

    [Dr. Sanada's nurse appears in the doorway. Matsunaga gets off the doctor and buttons up his shirt. He walks off]

    Dr. Sanada: Idiot!

    [He throws a pillow at the gangster]

  • Dr. Sanada: He's got a fever, but no umbrella. The poor fool.

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