Drunken Angel movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
In Japan after World War II, through the mixture of despair and hope, chaos and order, the people who are at a loss in the turbulent times are a metaphor for the helpless Japan after the defeat. Japan is devastated, filled with a hopeless gray picture of disease and unemployment. In Japan after the defeat of the war, Sanadais a poor community doctor who likes to drink, and he is good at treating tuberculosis . One day, the underworld leader Matsunagasought him for treatment due to an injury on his hand, but Sanada noticed the symptoms of tuberculosis. He persuaded Matsunaga to have an X-ray check, but Matsunaga didn't want to accept the fact that he was ill, and instead scolded Sanada Ichitsu and argued. However, after Matsunaga returned, the symptoms became more and more serious. After the filming, it was confirmed that it was indeed tuberculosis. He still accepted the treatment of Sanada despite his stubbornness. However, Matsunaga's gangster brother Okadacomes out of prison, and he gradually replaces Matsunaga in the gang and has everything. The terminally ill Matsunaga has nothing to do. Miyo was a woman before Okada. After Okada was released from prison, she wanted to find Miyo. Doctor Sanada knew that Miyo would live a slave-like life when she returned to Okada, so she did not hand over Miyo. Okada wants to kill Dr. Sanada. Although Matsunaga was sick at this time, he was moved by the doctor. He decided to save the doctor and went to the godfather, but the godfather abandoned him and gave Matsunaga's land to Okada. In order to prevent the doctor from being killed, Matsunaga assassinated Okada in order to seek an explanation for himself   .
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  • Granville 2022-04-12 09:01:10

    Reflections on the social status quo at that time revealed despair and hope.

  • Chaim 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The master sketches are very rich in content: the multiple images of things, the contradictions and conflicts of Sanada Matsunaga Okada, the doctor who is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, the gangster who is strong on the outside and dry on the outside, the details of the portrayal of several characters and the development of the story are very good, the light and composition angles are well selected, The plot is full of tension and full of humanistic care; the two scenes of the doctor's hand at the beginning and the nightmare of Matsunaga's serious illness are really shocking and unforgettable.

Drunken Angel quotes

  • Okada: After that long stretch in the cooler, every girl is a dish.

  • Singer: [singing] Oo-wow-oo-wow-wow-oo, Oo-wow-oo-wow-wow-oo, I'm a she-panther, I was born, In a southern land, Oo-wow-oo-wow-wow-oo, Where volcanoes blow fire, On a night lit red by the moon, In the jungle, In a jungle, I had a love so wild, Made my very bones swoon...

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