The Paradine Case movie plot

2022-06-28 14:54
Lady Palatine was arrested by police on charges of murder or manslaughter of her husband. In order to clear her name, Mrs. Palatine asked Tony, a famous lawyer, to serve as her defense attorney. During the encounter with Lady Palatine, Tony unknowingly fell in love with the suspected woman. But Tony is a wife
Man, in the face of a pure and helpless wife, Tony still couldn't restrain his concern and love for Mrs. Palatine, and went to the Palatine's house to investigate alone. During the course of the investigation, Tony gradually discovers that the Colonel's handsome young valet, Dudvar Yade, is the most suspicious. In Tony's head swept away by the romance, even if Yard is not the real murderer, it is enough to be a scapegoat for Mrs. Palatine. 
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The Paradine Case quotes

  • Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: Surprising how closely the convolutions of a walnut resemble that of the human brain.

  • Lady Sophie Horfield: Oh, that poor woman. Couldn't you do something for her?

    Judge Lord Thomas Horfield: How dare you speak to one of His Majesty's judges like that, you silly woman?

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