Dying of the Light evaluation action

2022-06-29 11:57
"Dying of the Light" is one of the best black American institutional films of 2014. The film itself is a product of persecution by the American system. First of all, the entire film is 172 minutes long and was forced to be cut into 94 minutes, which is nothing compared to those domestic films that have been cut for three or five minutes. As a result, director Paul Schrader condemned this behavior many times on the Internet until he finally compromised, claiming that it had nothing to do with the film. What exactly is the film about to be so miserable, from the remaining 94 minutes, we may still be able to see some clues, although only half of the volume is left. It can be seen how powerful the lethality of the film is, and it will be cut for 78 minutes.
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Dying of the Light quotes

  • Evan Lake: You have a disease of the blood. My disease is in the brain.

    Muhammad Banir: What sort of disease?

    Evan Lake: I'm forgetting things.

    Muhammad Banir: Ohhh. There is a lot to forget.

  • Evan Lake: [entering Banir's home] Salam alaikum, asshole.

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