The Good Guy real dating scene

2022-04-14 08:01
The film largely restores the real dating scenes of modern men and women, and even abandons flashy idealism in pursuit of an authoritative effect, Julio Pietro explained: "The love triangle is the whole The focus of the story, and as far as this part is concerned, I got inspiration from the novel "The good soldier", and then shaped such a structural framework, of course, there are also some content in it that I have been excerpted from myself over the years. The circumstances.for example I know several women who have found unpleasant emails in their boyfriends emails, like Anna Chlumsky's Lisa is The experience is the same - although we also have a lovely male lead with many flaws here, because he is so charming, it is difficult to blame him for his indiscretion, but one thing is more clear, then we The purpose is to show the uglier side of this behavior, and the sadness and pain it may cause."
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  • Daniel Seaver: He loved her more than anything, even his own life. I think that's what love is. Anything else is just, a distraction.

  • Beth Vest: ...I don't think she's ever even been in love!

    Beth Vest: Have you?

    Beth Vest: I thought so, but I think that when somebody turns out to be completely different than what you thought, it doesn't really count.

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