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2022-04-14 08:01
In fact, Julio Pietro has always regarded his Producer work as a temporary identity, nothing more than a bridge into another field, he said: "In previous companies and Everyone I have worked with or worked as colleagues understands this point, that is, I am really not very good at being a Producer, it is just an overdone phased job, and my departure is only a matter of time. When I read Michael Lewis's' (Liar's Poker), and I felt so emotionally involved with everything that it said, I remember thinking, 'Even though I'm working on Wall Street now, sooner or later I'm going to leave. Here, then write something to describe the world. 'It's been 6 years since that time, and I have never left any unforgettable memories of that experience, even though I was lucky and did a lot of things I liked and the colleagues I worked with were very nice to me, but I've never been truly fulfilled in this position - I know I'll never be complete unless I can create something meaningful to me. It may sound like a cliché, but it was my truest feeling at the time, and it was the 'culprit' that led me to directing. "
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  • Marcus 2022-04-20 09:02:58

    I was looking forward to it, but after reading it, I understand. The film made by people from Wall Street is really uncomplimentable. The budget of 10 million US dollars is too small, so I just play it casually.

  • Beth 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    Daniel fell in love with his boss Tommy's girlfriend Beth at first sight, and Beth also fell in love with the male lead, because there was no reason to dump her fiancé. Finally got a chance to catch the playboy fiancé in bed, well, the two new lovers kicked their old loves each ~~~~ Well, if they are all under the banner of being loyal to their hearts, the divorce rate will be soaring~~~~

The Good Guy quotes

  • Daniel Seaver: He loved her more than anything, even his own life. I think that's what love is. Anything else is just, a distraction.

  • Beth Vest: ...I don't think she's ever even been in love!

    Beth Vest: Have you?

    Beth Vest: I thought so, but I think that when somebody turns out to be completely different than what you thought, it doesn't really count.

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