Early Summer evaluation action

2022-07-06 16:20
The film expresses Yasujiro Ozu's post-war anxieties about modernity, tradition, and women's freedom. The film explores a woman's ambivalence about marriage. Through serious and humorous dialogue, the actors' body language and the tedious etiquette that make up the daily life of a family living in the suburbs of Tokyo, the director reveals the subtleties that exist between the heroine, her brother's family, their parents, and other friends. relation.
This film is a masterpiece by Yasujilang Ozu. The film uses still photography and a low-view point of view, and has a soothing and tranquil narrative style. 
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Early Summer quotes

  • Tami Yabe: We had a strange visitor this morning.

    Shige Mamiya: Who was it?

    Tami Yabe: I'd never seen him before. A man with parted hair, glasses and a black bag. I thought he was from the tax office, be he wasn't.

    Shige Mamiya: Who was he?

    Tami Yabe: He was from a detective agency. He asked me about Noriko. I realized it was about her marriage.

  • Shukichi Mamiya: How time flies. Koichi married with children. And now Noriko's getting married. This may be the happiest time of our lives.

    Shige Mamiya: You think so? We could be happier.

    Shukichi Mamiya: We mustn't want too much.

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