Early Summer movie plot

2022-07-06 22:54
Ozu's narration is always the mode of seeing the truth in the plain, delicate and natural. Beginning with Mai Qiu, Yasujiro Ozu's films are often considered to have no stories, or only minimal stories. This is also Setsuko Hara's best work, with a smile on her face when she expresses her happiness, imprinting an eternal goddess image on the screen. Even though the three-generation family was finally separated after the daughter's marriage, the "happiness" that Noriko talked about was a rare word in Ozu's dictionary.
At the end of the film is a large shot of autumn wheat. When the breeze blows across the fields, the wordless song has a praise for the endless life, and the eulogy with the continuity of life. The end of such a freehand shot is not very good in Ozu's film. Seeing more is Ozu's way of expressing the reincarnation of life and his outlook on the future.
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Early Summer quotes

  • Koichi Mamiya: Father, Noriko has received a proposal.

    Shukichi Mamiya: Really?

    Koichi Mamiya: It seems good.

    Shukichi Mamiya: Good. It's about time she got married.

    Koichi Mamiya: She's 28 already.

    Shukichi Mamiya: That's right. I hope it's a good match.

    Koichi Mamiya: I think so. I'll ask around about him.

    Shukichi Mamiya: Yes, do that, and right away.

  • Takako: Single people don't know what real happiness is. They have no right to talk.

    Aya Tamura: Shut up, Mrs. Carrot!

    Takako: Single people, have no say!

    Aya Tamura: You go on about happiness, but it's no more than the anticipation you feel before going to the races, planning what horse to bet on and how you'll spend your winnings.

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