El Angel evaluation action

2022-04-15 08:01
If the moral judgment aside to define the film, it is not so much a story of a born juvenile delinquent based on real events that brings together elements of various genres such as Westerns and gangster films, but rather it is hyperpolitical and hyperideological, anti-order Youth films with sociopaths   . Lorenzo Farrow's stunning performance terrifies the hero's ruthlessness and seduces him by his angelic face and "innocent" temperament. The film avoids the standpoint of moral judgment, and does not analyze the motives of the crime in depth. Instead, it expresses this very sinful and beautiful youth in a dark humorous way. Photography, art, music and narrative style are completely unified, providing the audience with a more pure viewing style, worthy of Pedro Almodóvar's "Desire Films" work   .
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  • Cortez 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    Hahaha, this crime movie is so crooked, it's too cute

  • Carleton 2022-04-22 07:02:01

    "The world belongs to outlaws and artists. Everybody else has to work for a living."

El Angel quotes

  • [about Marisol]

    Carlos: What's the matter with her?

    Magdalena: You're so selfish, Carlos.

  • [after the gun-shop robbery]

    José: Listen up. I can't end up back in jail. And if you get caught while working with me, your mother will cut my balls off. That kid is a genius. If we train him right, we can make a fortune. But we've got to do things right, not the fucking mess we did today.

    Ramón: Don't worry about it, he'll listen to me.

    José: I think we've got the perfect band.

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