Essential Killing evaluation action

2022-07-17 12:17
The film is filled with the alternation of close-ups of characters and large panoramas, majestic and vast natural scenery and the difficult situations of characters' survival, resulting in a strong visual and psychological contrast. Because of the lack of dialogue, the picture is extremely quiet, but the director through the careful design of color and lighting, so that the film always has a sense of tension and urgency. (   )
The film has almost no dialogue or even any superfluous plot, and can be summed up in one word: escape. Sadly, the feel of the film isn't quite as crisp and powerful as it sounds, with a plethora of unexpressive shots that make the short film feel dull and uninspired. The film is also full of mediocre shots, lacks visual impact, and has no ups and downs except for the killings. Make it difficult for the audience to feel anxious. (   )
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