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2022-04-02 08:01
The story describes a female astronaut who returns home after 13 months in outer space, only to discover that she is mysteriously pregnant. 
The trailer opens with Harry Berry floating in a weightless capsule in a spacesuit, reminiscent of Sandra Bullock in the 2013 hit "Gravity." She saw some kind of strange creature in space. Then the heroine ends her mission and returns to Earth to reunite with her family, but she learns the shocking news of a baby in her womb during a medical examination. 
Through the previously announced plot synopsis, we learned that the character's name is Molly. 
"Extant" is scheduled to begin airing on July 9, 2014. "Under the Dome" released by CBS in the summer of 2013 had a good rating, and "Extant", which has a luxurious main creative lineup, is also worth looking forward to. 
In addition to Halle Berry, there are many familiar faces in the show. Goran Visnjic, the lead actor in "ER" (ER), plays John Marcus; "The Ring" Pierce Gagnon, who was praised by Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his superb acting skills in Looper, played Ethan Woods; famous Japanese movie star Sanada Hiroyuki plays Hideki Yasumoto, president of Anyuan Group in the play, and Hiroyuki Sanada successfully played a black-bellied scientist in the new drama "Double Helix" [exclusive drama], and reappeared in "Double Helix". In Extant, the Japanese star almost becomes a professional Japanese scientist; Meryl Streep's daughter Grace Gummer plays John's assistant Julie -Gelineau; Camryn Manheim, who has starred in "Person of Interest", "Ghost Whisperer" and other American dramas, plays Molly's friend, Sam Barton, the doctor who monitors Jasmine's condition. Such a cast has given the show a high level of attention and expectations before it was aired.
The time background set in this play is not far away, so in the play we can see many high-tech elements that are about to appear in our lives, such as the mirror in front of the washstand that can play TV and today's hot news, as if "Haha The dynamic photos copied from "Lee Potter", the three-dimensional PPT display technology, and, of course, the robot boy Ethan Woods with human thinking. The endless emergence of future technological innovations not only ignited the audience's enthusiasm for watching the play, but also made us full of expectations for the future high-tech life.
The premiere episode of "Extant" successfully laid out three major suspense. The first is how did Jasmine get pregnant in space? The second is what kind of secret is Marcus, who is alive or dead, hiding? The third is whether Ethan is really as John designed, a little robot boy with human nature, or a robot with a terrible and dark heart? Judging from the rhythm of this episode, the show can always throw out some highlights at the right time to attract viewers to continue watching, and the forty minutes seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. If the three suspense can be rounded up, the 13 episodes of the first season can tell a very good science fiction story.
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  • Muhammad 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    What kind of gimmick is this? I actually finished watching 13 episodes, and the screenwriter opened too much trouble and didn't take it back. Where is Halle Berry's acting skills? If it is fake, the robot child is the most like a robot.

  • Florian 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    AI, 2001, Solaris, Moon,,, the screenwriter is so mysterious besides copying, how disgusting a bunch of rotten actors are carrying the same lines as the overnight meal, the visual effect is so bad that it suddenly falls back to the 90s

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