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2022-04-02 08:01
The film is meticulous in terms of props, costumes and setting, but the three actors who really support the soul of the film are Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy and Patricia Clarkson, who follow the British theatrical tradition and rely on performance. The built-up tension triangle constitutes a solid framework for the establishment of the film. Director Cosette has a great ability to coordinate the visual style, and her historical background and long-term literary accumulation make it all shrouded in a beautiful classic aesthetic system. The tone of the film is dark and deep, and the picture quality is excellent. The large amount of out-of-focus processing of the picture makes the image more layered and more delicate. The film's reference to literature is very subtle. The way the two postwar modern literary classics, Fahrenheit 451 and Lolita, intervene in society, as well as the social acceptance of them, are also faithfully shown in the film. Compared with the ending of the original work, the warm ending of the film across time and space is more deliberately positive. This adaptation ostensibly caters to popular needs, but also weakens the power of the original work.  .
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  • Florence Green: You mustn't think I don't want to consider you for the job, its just that you don't really look old enough - or strong enough.

    Christine: That happens after first glance. You look old; but, you don't look strong. Its all the same anyway. We're all available.

  • Edmund Brundish: That harpy. What she wants is an: arts center. Now, I ask you, what the hell does this damn village need with an arts center? And how could art have a center? But, she's got it into her head that it does.

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