The Bookshop movie plot

2022-04-02 08:01
In 1959, in the British town of Harborough after World War II, every family was struggling to make ends meet, and children also worked part-time to earn change. The Bookshop had not been available in the town for more than 100 years. Years after her husband's death in World War II, Florencesells an old house that is about to fall and opens The Bookshop, which is hard-pressed but has a steady stream of good books. That year, she and her lover fell in love at first sight at The Bookshop to communicate with each other through reading. Now things are different, but when I turn the book every night, the voice of my lover reading aloud seems to live in my ears.
When The Bookshop opened, it seemed to be changing the atmosphere of the town. The traveling parents began to bring a book home with them. Books have also become a medium for Florence to communicate with the strange old man in the small town. His quiet and desolate manor is permanently closed, and he never sets foot in the outside world, but by comprehending and judging the book, he and Florence gradually become confidants. But The Bookshop is the thorn in the eyes of the town's "social queen". This flashy town queen uses all kinds of forces - courts, inspectors, lawyers, money to drive The Bookshop out of the town step by step   .
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The Bookshop quotes

  • Milo North: If you're looking for a new assistant, I understand Christine is available. She is no longer working at the new bookshop.

    [chuckles to himself]

    Milo North: She tried to sell Lolita to the vicar.

  • [Last lines]

    Narrator: How right she was when she said that no one ever feels alone in a bookshop.

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