Extraordinary Measures evaluation action

2022-03-27 08:01
One is the archaeological explorer in "Raiders of the Lost Ark", the other is the tomb adventurer in "The Mummy", and the two "amateur tomb robbers" joined forces to stage a show of time and speed with the god of death, letting the audience know What is Pompe disease, what are the symptoms of this disease, and is there any way to treat it? Harrison. Ford's Dr. Stonehill doesn't really exist, he's a collection of all the scientists trying to make a difference. An actor with a "hero" color plays an impatient and irritable civilian scientist, which is full of contrasting meanings. Coupled with the joint development of drugs with a great father who is unwilling to sit still, many highlights of the film are inspired. , but unfortunately the subject matter of this story lacks universality and typicality. After all, not every ordinary person has the excellent personal ability and good opportunities of the protagonist, which makes the plot and climax also lack convincing and appealing.  
Harrison Ford should seriously examine where his problems lie. The narrative is too bland, the ending is too rushed, and the story the audience wants to read is not well told. The film has enough entertainment, and the rest lacks.
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  • Adelbert 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    Calm narrative. But very touching. casting is also good.

  • Adalberto 2022-04-23 07:05:43

    Beyond individuality, within human nature. HBO night show.

Extraordinary Measures quotes

  • John Crowley: [Looking at the college-aged kids hired to work under Dr. Stonehill] These guys make me feel old.

    Dr. Robert Stonehill: Scientists get all sensible & careful when they get old. Young ones like risk, not afraid of new ideas... & you can pay 'em less.

  • John Crowley: [to a business friend who is trying to talk him out of quitting his job] Hey, you're right! This is crazy. I'm chasing the wind. But I can't just sit around and wait for my kids to die.

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