Extraordinary Measures movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
John Crowley, an MBA student from Harvard Business School, a thriving career, a beautiful wife, three children—it all seems so happy, this middle-class American family life is also enviable.
But things didn't work out, and just as John Crowley was smug about his ambitions, his two younger children were diagnosed with an extremely rare and at the time considered incurable form of Pompe disease. Unwilling to watch his children die in vain, John Crowley decided to fight the backwater. He wanted to invest in the construction of a pharmaceutical factory and spend his own money to develop drugs for Pompe disease. However, his research is considered a joke in the industry, because John Crowley is not a medical school graduate, he does not have any medical foundation, and there have been many universities that have failed in Pompe disease research. , not to mention that he is only a person.
John Crowley, who came out of a working family, does not believe in this evil. He must do something to save his children. With the support and help of his wife, his "research center" was gradually established, so he recruited and recruited talents from various research institutes and universities. In his research and development team, there is a talented young scientist Dr. Robert Stonehillwho has never been favored by others . While working with Dr. Stonehill, John Crowley stepped up his learning as he was in a race against death, a child with Pompe disease who would die without knowing when; on the other hand , they are fighting against the US medical system, because research requires clinical trials, but the large hospitals that treat patients are unwilling to provide them with conditions to test drugs. In the end, they have developed new drugs that have certain curative effects to be put on the market, or commercial This is a difficult problem because countless large pharmaceutical companies have long been eyeing this new drug, and competitors have already set up many barriers in process, law and formalities.
After tireless efforts, John Crowley and Dr. Stonehill seem to have found a cure for Pompe disease in the lab. 
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  • Arvilla 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    The movie is average, the story is powerful. To be a postdoctoral fellow for these two, I will die.

  • Hester 2022-03-30 09:01:12

    Brandon Fischer's performance is weak, and Harrison Ford's performance is still aura.

Extraordinary Measures quotes

  • John Crowley: [affably] Well, thank you very much for firing me.

    Dr. Kent Webber: My pleasure, I never liked you.

    John Crowley: Likewise.

  • Megan Crowley: It's not pink.

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