Fame movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
Eight teenagers from all walks of life and family backgrounds came to take the exam with different dreams. After experiencing various challenges and struggles, some succeeded, some failed, and some grew up by absorbing life experience from their performances. In New York, there is such a school - the New York High School for the Performing Arts. Here, any dreams of young people may be realized. Whether it is dancing, singing, acting or other artistic talents, students will have a valuable opportunity to realize their artistic dreams here. Fame will naturally also be within reach. The premise is that as long as you have enough talent, dare to devote yourself to your dream, and can put in more effort and hard work.
As a result, a few young people who are talented in dancing, singing, and acting are looking forward to making achievements in the arts, Marco (Arthur Brook), Rosie (Christy Flores), Neil (Paul Iaconnor), Kevin (Paul McGill), Dennis (Naturi Norton), and Jenny (Kay Panabaker), among others, come here with hope. However, at the beginning of school, the children encountered extremely strict assessments: the torture from their unsteady wills made their original passions face the test. In addition, youth restlessness, classmate friendship, the bud of love, and various ways of dealing with success and failure, which have never been lacking in the youth campus, all make the children who come to take the entrance examination and finally come together in this school in Thrives in the epic of youthful passion. During this period, there is the germination of love, the sublimation of friendship, the expression of talent, the experience of heartbreak, and of course, the burst of passion   .
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  • Easton 2022-04-01 09:01:18

    A story abt passion,dream and love.

  • Johnny 2022-03-30 09:01:11

    I don't know how to evaluate it. I used to refuse to watch this kind of youth inspirational film, but now I am cheering and excited for him. Remember the lines in it: "There will be many things in your life that will require you to be nervous in the future, but not this time."

Fame quotes

  • Joy: First you spurn me for Eddie,Then you throw him off like an old overcoat for Rocky!

    Joy: You chew people up, and then you spit them out again!

    Joy: I loved you, you hear me I loved you, and what did it get me?

    Joy: I'll tell you a big nothing, you're like a sponge you take, take, take, and drain others of their love, and devotion!

    Joy: Well I've had enough, you've got to choose between me, and Rocky, so named because of the rocks in his head!

  • Mr. James Dowd: Everything you're ashamed of, all the parts of yourself that you keep secret, everything you want to change about yourself - it's who you are. That's your power. Deny it and you're nothing.

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