Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars movie plot

2022-10-17 15:15
Joe Creighton, an astronaut from Earth, encountered a wormhole that opened during a mission and was sucked away by the wormhole. After Joe was spat out, he was already in another galaxy far, far away. There, he met a group of good friends, as well as his lover - the peacekeeper Ellen. At a time when the Scar tribe is trying to rule the universe, they are fighting fiercely with the "Cosmic Police" peacekeepers. It was rumored that Clayton could create a "bug weapon" with devastating power, so both parties wanted to capture Clayton and create a weapon. Clayton knew very well the lethality of this kind of weapon, and he also understood that neither side was a teacher of justice. Creighton takes Ellen to the inaccessible holy Mercury, and after learning Ellen is pregnant, the two prepare to marry. Unexpectedly, he was attacked by the local descendants of Edolan, and his body was turned into crystal fragments. Their friends, Diego and Lago, tried their best to find the pieces, and with the help of the Edolans, their bodies were restored, but the fetus in Ellen's womb was missing. It turned out that when Lai Gao took the fragments out of the water, the fragments of the fetus remained in his stomach.
So while everyone was preparing for the wedding, they planned to pass the child back into the mother's body when he was older. On their wedding day, the arrival of the peacekeeper commander Black Scorpion disrupts the wedding. In the chaos, Nolanti discovered that there were people around him who were descendants of the Edolans, and pointed out that if they found their ancestors, they might use their talents as peacemakers and stop the war. After going through hardships and dangers, everyone finally came to Agnès, the ruins of the city of Edolan, but unexpectedly, the Scar tribesmen also arrived. The Scar tribes blew up Agnès and captured Clayton and his party. The Scar King used Gao's life to threaten Clayton, forcing him to hand over how the wormhole was made. In desperation, Clayton could only take him to the prophet Einstein to show that he really knew nothing about this technology. The Scar King Stanley was very disappointed, but fortunately, under the persuasion of Alderaan, the elder of the Egren, his mood slowly stabilized, and he intended to reconcile with the peacekeepers. But the conspiracy of the queen of the scarred tribe ruined the coming peace, and the war intensified. During the war, Ellen gave birth to a son, which made everyone see the hope of life. The black hole was destroyed in an instant, and the Scar and the Peacekeepers finally stopped the war. 
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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars quotes

  • [Jothee learns of D'argo's death]

    Jothee: Did he suffer?

    Chiana: Are you kidding? THEY suffered.

  • John Crichton: [after creating the wormhole weapon and taunting Staleek and Grayza over the comm] Unbelievable, no one has anything to say.

    Rygel XVI: [the wormhole expands again] How big is that thing gonna get?

    John Crichton: Big.

    John Crichton: [the wormhole keeps expanding] OK, boy and girls, here are the rules. Find a penny, pick it up. Double it, you got two pennies. Double it again, four. Double it twenty-seven times and you've got a million dollars and the IRS... all over your ass. Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops no one knows. But it all adds up... quick!

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