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2022-03-20 08:01
When talking about how to draw the city of the future, the creators said that the reason why they chose Paris as the background is because Paris has long been recognized internationally, and people in the world have long been familiar with its characteristics, and they are dealing with it. In effect, it must not be inferior to Los Angeles in " 2020 ". However, what director Workman wants to present is not the same romantic and famous places that often appear in films about Paris. Scenes such as Montmartre Heights, Gustave Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris are precisely the scenes that the film does not want to spend pen and ink on. Where, what Workman wants to show is the other side of this historical and cultural city, the dark and dreary side.
According to the assumption, Paris will stop expanding in 2054. In addition to effectively curbing the expansion of the city, it will be extremely exhaustive to develop the underground space. As a result, countless tunnels with a depth of several hundred meters are like a labyrinth. In order to better complete the urban layout in the film , the creative team invited architect Alfred Frazzani to draw on the design styles of French architects Gustave Eiffel and Gilma and the French utopian socialism in the 18th century. ideological influence.
As the core technology of the film's creation, "motion capture" accurately and truly records the actors' movements and expressions in reality, thus giving life to the 3D characters. According to the director, if the film is fully filmed with live action, the shooting investment will reach 200 million euros. With the application of motion capture and 3D technology, only the characters and scenery can turn the myth into reality, and the shooting budget will be reduced to 15 million. EUR.
In order to make the black and white colors in the film more harmonious, the animators used Maya software to create a special mask. But even so, pure black and white still can't express the depth of field, the reflected light of the glass and the transparency effect. Therefore, the animators did not use simple blurring, but blurred the background and used a moderate exposure method to achieve the above effect. The transportation in the film is also one of the highlights.
Producer Workman initially set the police detective Maria Callas to ride a Citroen DS, but later found that the car's color contrast was so high that it was difficult to show good results in the film. So Citroen suggested using their latest concept car, which has a fantastic shape, and the final result in the film is perfect. The emergence of "Renaissance" has blurred the boundaries between animation synthesis and live-action shooting. It seems to be an animation style, but it gives people a different feeling from previous animations. This is a film that is difficult to categorize, and perhaps it is the birth of a new genre, where digital technology brings us a different visual experience. 
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    French must be weird in the future.

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    "Without death, what's the meaning of life?"

Renaissance quotes

  • Barthélémy Karas: First, we find her. And then, we sleep.

  • Bislane Tasuiev: [to Karas] Come back or I'll kill you.

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