Renaissance movie plot

2022-03-20 08:01
Paris in 2054, an independent city under full surveillance , people's every move will be recorded. Paris, cut off from the outside world, is still in constant development: here, the towering skyscrapers have dimmed the splendor of classical architecture for hundreds of years;The hub has inherited the hustle and bustle of the old subway tunnels. But no matter where you are, the name of the Avalon company will always catch your eye, and the products of this largest company in Paris have penetrated every aspect of society's daily life - because it can promise you eternal youth and youth. Become beautiful.
One of Avalon's most promising scientists, 22-year-old Iona, is suddenly kidnapped, and Avalon hires Parisian police detective Basselimi Maria Callas to find Iona. Maria Callas is a genius for finding people, with a natural instinct that puts him at every advantage. This time, as the clues gradually became clear, Maria Callas found that she was not the only one looking for the beautiful girl, and the witnesses he was looking for were always silenced first.
A line of clues lay in front of Maria Callas: the orphan sisters Iona and Bislin were both rescued from the war-torn Caucasus , but their fates were very different: they learned from the great geneticist Jonas Mueller's Iona finally chooses Avalon and is immersed in work all day long; Bislin is reduced to underworld; Mueller, Iona's teacher, gave up her great future in order to change the poverty at the bottom of the city; before disappearing Iona of Iona appears to be involved in a mysterious scheme called the "Revival Draft".
In order to find Iona and solve the mystery of her disappearance, Maria Callas navigates carefully among corporate spies, gangsters and genetic experts, not knowing whether the world will face redemption or destruction when the real answer is revealed. 
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  • Nona 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    Is giving such a serious subject matter a film of this effect the only way the French film industry can differentiate itself from Hollywood?

  • Adelbert 2022-03-21 09:03:31

    No matter how much it cost, at least black and white 3D animation, this is the first one, and no one has imitated it yet! The content is very simple, the theme is also easy to understand, and the sci-fi film is easy to express in cartoons! There's nothing else to say. If you haven't seen this kind of film, take a look, it's very fresh!

Renaissance quotes

  • Bislane Tasuiev: [to Karas] Come back or I'll kill you.

  • Jonas Muller: Without death, life is meaningless.

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