Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem evaluation action

2022-10-18 18:59
"Interstellar 5555", the first film work of the French electronic music duo Daft Punk, and the animation of multinational and cross-media cooperation with Japanese animation master Reiji Matsumoto ("Galaxy Railway 999", "Space Pirate Sherlock", "Millennium Queen") The Animated House Musical, which debuted at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, participated in the exhibition on behalf of Japan together with the inspirational animation "Eggplant" directed by Miyazaki's apprentice Kosaka Kitaro. Unfortunately, after the preview, it has only been shown in Paris so far. , Tokyo and some theaters in Europe. Fortunately, the DVD release of the film finally prevented this excellent work from being buried in people's memory forever because it was not widely released.
Daft Punk's predecessor was Darlin', an indie guitar band that took the rock route. It wasn't until 1992 that the band duo Thomas and Guy Manuel were infected by the dance music culture (HouseRave). Since the first album "Homework" won 2 million sales and led the trend of electronic dance music for many years, Daft Punk believes that in this music industry, there is no miracle that cannot be created. Since then, the two have put on robot-like helmets and appeared in sci-fi images instead of real people.
Daft Punk, two fans of science fiction and robot culture, turned out to be loyal fans of "Galaxy Railway 999". Before releasing their second "Discovery" album in 2001, they conceived an animated script with a full set of music, and then made a special trip to Japan with a record and a synopsis, inviting Reiji Matsumoto to collaborate with them. After Matsumoto listened to their concept and music, he immediately agreed. The four "Discovery" music MVs, which were only ten minutes in length, took 28 months of careful production, and finally expanded into a one-hour animated film.
Reiji Matsumoto, who is good at sci-fi themes but does not follow the routine of giant robots, has always had a unique and philosophical sci-fi idea in his works. His painting style is simple and romantic, and the male and female characters have a touch of sadness. It is no wonder that he is deeply loved by the French who are famous for their romantic freehand brushwork. "Interstellar 5555" retains this traditional style to a large extent, especially the helplessness and depression of the four protagonists when they are at the mercy of others, and they are well portrayed. Although the rhythm of the overall story development is a little too fast, the colorful pictures and the classic and elegant beautiful characters make up for the film's observability. Under the supervision of Matsumoto, the music of "Discovery" and the plot of "Interstellar 5555" are perfectly combined, making Daft Punk's script more fulfilling and moving, making it impossible to tell whether the script or the music came first.
The biggest feature of "Interstellar 5555" is that there is no dialogue in the hour-long animation. Even some songs that are directly related to the plot have no lyrics, only a brief and obscure conversation fragment from Matsumoto himself as an introduction. Having said that, if you add dialogue, it seems unreasonable, because in the world of this film, music has been regarded as the common language of the universe!
From the perspective of music style , in the album "Discovery", Daft Punk tried to get rid of the pure dance music route in the past and turned to the pop music category of popular culture for discussion . The Flying-V electric guitar shape of the spaceship driven by space patrol Shep in "Interstellar 5555" reminds us, intentionally or unintentionally, of the origins of Daft Punk and metal rock.
Perhaps the robot-style electronic music "Discovery" itself has the potential to brew future space roaming stories. Interstellar 5555, a combination of music MV, animation, electronic dance music and old-school sci-fi animation, is definitely a novel work in the entire electronic music industry. It was the first breakthrough in animation history. When digitized Disney or Pixar animation blockbusters have become too much to watch, Star 5555's imitation of traditional celluloid animation, although there are not many special effects, can create a musical consensus and suspicion in the whole universe . Traveling through time and space is really eye-catching.
Daft Punk has a quirky image, an offbeat music , and works in a way that's contrary to the record industry. When the single "One More Time" was released, he kept saying "no face, no interview, no MV". After "Discovery" came out, the main MV produced by Matsumoto was released to the public. Before the release of "Interstellar 5555", he directly put four The first animation MV is used as a trailer, which is very different from general commercial promotion. However, it is their rebellious spirit that conveys a deeper message through the sci-fi fairy tale "Interstellar 5555", which shows us that the reality is equally cruel: many pop singers and bands are unwilling to be famous in their own countries, and they want to go to the United States. Struggling to top the Billboard chart as the top achievement, however, whether they are willing or "induced", this kind of naturalization is often only for the pursuit of a floating name, but the result is driven by the floating name, and at the same time of losing their own musical style , I lost myself even more (in fact, the film industry is not like this). In addition, the way the four protagonists in the film are transformed into Earth singers is surprisingly simple, and they are completed in a machine tool. This is actually Daft Punk mocking the packaging of today's pop singers, just like processing cans on the production line. Just as simple.
In fact, this film is full of friendly innuendos and interesting details. Just seeing the title "Interstella 5555" ends with a number, one can't help but think of "Galaxy Railway 999", but 5 is not a number, but a pictograph of S, 5555 In fact, it is the acronym of the film title The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem (secret news of star mechanism); the appearance and temperament of the heroine Stella are so familiar, just change to human skin color, Mei Di in "Galaxy Railway 999" It seems to reappear, and drummer Baryl looks like the incarnation of Tielang in "Silver". As for the interesting details, there are also many interesting details: the Daft Punk duo turned into one of the cartoon characters, competing with The Crescendolls for the Golden Melody Award; the TV program watched by the guards of the record company turned out to be a football game between France and Japan, and France won in the end ; When describing the performance and return of The Crescendolls on the screen around the world, China also has two appearances (this is basically invisible in Hollywood blockbusters); When tracing the criminal history of the Earl of Darkwood, see The transformed alien child seems to be the prodigy Mozart three hundred years ago.
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