Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem movie plot

2022-10-18 15:41
Just during a performance, a spaceship suddenly broke in and kidnapped the four people and took them to Earth. They were not only brainwashed, but also transformed into Earthlings, which turned out to be the work of an evil agent, the Earl of Darkwood. Conspiracy, he packaged the four into a pop band and took them under his command, depriving them of their consciousness and freedom. At the mercy of the Earl of Darkwood, they attended countless public occasions and performances overloaded, just to conquer the global music charts.
Shep, a space patroller who has always admired Stella, chased to Earth and sacrificed his life to rescue everyone. The four who escaped from the clutches, through risky investigation, finally smashed the astonishing shady scene of Earl Darkwood in the music industry. In the end, The Crescendolls finally returned to their home planet, but their music was still circulating on Earth and continued to be worshipped and loved by Earth people.
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