Father of Invention behind the scenes gags

2022-07-15 15:35
The story of the film is full of drama and life-like content. Although the young director Trent Cooper has only had one film work "Life Detective" come out before, he has brought the audience a superbly funny shell with a seemingly funny shell. The truth of life. In his films, there is very much the style of Stephen Chow's works: the protagonist who is in front of the people is a complete failure in the blink of an eye, but after a series of self-perceptions and efforts, he regains his confidence, finds himself, and finally becomes brilliant again. It integrates many common jokes and humorous passages in life, which makes the audience feel more cordial.
In terms of cast, director Trent Cooper also likes to feature big stars alone, and the "one-man show" humor of the fallen heroes in life can attract more attention. And this time, the starring and producer of "Father of Invention" Kevin Spacey's love, which can be said to have once again improved the film's viewability. Old Kevin's restrained and full of tension acting skills can make people addicted anywhere. Coupled with the "passionate" supporting roles of two young beauties, Camilla Baylor, who plays her beloved daughter, and Heather Graham, who plays her daughter's roommate, this small life drama in which the old inventor regains his confidence is worth seeing.
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Father of Invention quotes

  • Troy Coangelo: [sounding unintelligible] You're fired!

    Robert Axle: I'm fried?

    Troy Coangelo: You're fired!

  • Robert Axle: Fathers are human too. You know, you put a piece of cake in front of us and that's all we can see.

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