Father of Invention movie plot

2022-07-15 15:01
In this comedy, Kevin Spacey 's father tries to win back his daughter's "favor" after being released from prison. In the process, he needed to face different challenges, and of course, he had the last laugh.
Renowned advertising talent and inventor, Robert Axley (Kevin Spacey), has become a millionaire and numerous idols in people's hearts. But Robert's failed exercise machine invention has led to a series of horrific accidents -- leaving thousands of consumers injuring their fingers while using the product. The hapless Robert had to spend eight long years in prison to pay for his irreparable wrongs.
However, when he was released from prison after 8 years of hardships, what awaited him was not the care of his relatives, but the end of his ex-wife's complete occupation of his family's wealth. His ex-wife took his new husband to occupy his mansion and sports car. …With nothing, Robert had to ask for help from his daughter, who had not seen his family for many years and had become estranged. During the years of cohabitation with his daughter and her "close" roommate, Robert was surprised to find that he was already far away from this rapidly developing society. In order to survive and strive for a comeback, in desperation, old Robert began a difficult road to work. And continue to try to focus on the old business of invention. Among them, he also faces a huge problem, which is to regain the family relationship with his grown-up daughter. He also gradually realizes that survival, life, family relationship, etc., must be rediscovered in a new reality. accomplish……
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Father of Invention quotes

  • Robert Axle: Fathers are human too. You know, you put a piece of cake in front of us and that's all we can see.

  • Robert Axle: All right, tell me something about yourself besides the fact that you're an angry lesbian.

    Phoebe: That's all I got.

    Robert Axle: I got that part. Something else.

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