Fatman movie plot

2022-06-22 21:55
As Santa Claus (Mel Gibson) grows older, his career declines year by year. In order to save the Christmas factory and feed his elf employees, he is forced to cooperate with the US military and switch to manufacturing military weapons. But a mistake made him kill himself? ! Just on Christmas morning, a wealthy family boy (Chance Hursfield) opens his Christmas present with great anticipation, only to find that it is nothing but a lump of coal. Annoyed, he decided to hire a professional killer to hunt down the Santa Claus who made him angry. The kid PK Santa Claus, who wins and who loses in the end? 
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Fatman quotes

  • Skinny Man: You know what I got for Christmas when I was a kid?

    [shows off burns]

    Skinny Man: You never forget the smell of burning flesh and menthols.

  • Chris: [brooding] Christmas is a farce and I am a joke

    Chris: [confronting skinny man] Jonathan Miller... you twisted child

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