Fireproof movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
Fireproof Keller has always kept in mind the advice his predecessors left him at work: "Never let your companions fall behind you". But in his family life, when it came time to cool off marital quarrels and conflicts, Keller embraced his own set of principles. When they just experienced the seventh year of their married life, Keller and his wife Catherine both affirmed what Catherine had said, and hoped that they would never get married this time. Katherine, a public relations director at a local hospital, and her husband couldn't understand the pressures of each other's work. Amid the day-to-day bickering over work, money and household chores, both of them had to admit that the marriage had come to an end.
As the couple set about their divorce, Keller's father had to reconcile their differences by convincing his son to try taking Katherine to a book-based event called "Challenging Love." A forty-day trial trip. After reading the book of the same name as the experiment, Keller began to try to understand what unconditional love is. But is it too late for this Fireproof to save his marriage, his job is to save other people's lives, and now he is facing the hardest job of his life, which is to go save his wife's heart   .
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Fireproof quotes

  • Caleb Holt: Did you have breakfast already?

    Catherine Holt: Yes.

    Caleb Holt: What did you eat?

    Catherine Holt: I had the last bagel and a yoghurt.

    Caleb Holt: Do you plan on making a grocery trip soon?

    Catherine Holt: Caleb, you work 24 hours and then you're off for 48. You've got more time to go than I do.

    Caleb Holt: Hey, I just asked you a simple question. You don't need to get smart with me. You could at least have saved me some breakfast.

    Catherine Holt: Well, I never know when you're coming home or going out. You don't tell me these things.

    Caleb Holt: Catherine, what is your problem? Did I offend you by walking in the door this morning?

    Catherine Holt: No, you just can't expect me to work every day and still get the groceries while you sit at home looking at trash on the internet and dreaming about getting your boat.

    Caleb Holt: You chose to take this job! And no-one said you had to work full-time!

    Catherine Holt: We need the income. Especially since you took away a third of your salary saving for a boat we don't need. You got $24 000 in savings while we have things in our house that need fixing.

    Caleb Holt: Like what?

    Catherine Holt: The back door needs to be painted, the yard needs better landscaping, and I keep telling you I want to put more shelves in the closet.

    Caleb Holt: Those are called preferences, Catherine. Those are not needs. There's a difference. If you want to spend your money on that stuff; go ahead, that's fine. But I've been saving up for my boat for years; you're not taking that away from me.

    Catherine Holt: This is so pointless. I don't have time for this.

  • Michael Simmons: But just remember--a woman's like a rose: if you treat her right, she'll bloom; if you don't, she'll wilt.

    Caleb Holt: Where'd you get that?

    Michael Simmons: Counseling.

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