The Maiden Heist movie plot

2022-03-26 08:01
The protagonists of the story are three security guards in a museum. They have worked together in the museum for many years, and have developed deep feelings for the works of art they are guarding. When one day they heard that these works of art were going to be transferred. to another
At a museum, the three plan to go and steal the artwork back.
After a series of careful planning, George, with the help of Roger (Christopher Walken) and Charles (Morgan Freeman), got into a wooden box and dressed as a transported art, and successfully infiltrated the ship that was about to be shipped to Denmark. Art warehouse, and communicate with walkie-talkie.
When night fell, George came out of the wooden box and began to change the paintings one by one. When it came to George's favorite sculpture, he couldn't help taking off his clothes and doing the same movement as the sculpture. At this time, Charles, sitting in front of the monitor, found a new security guard. Appeared on the way to the warehouse, which undoubtedly disrupted the plans of the three. At a critical moment, George was lucky to escape this sudden inspection. three
The individual breathed a sigh of relief.
The next day, the day the artwork was removed, Roger got the wrong box, and the box containing George was driving to another museum, the three panicked, and Roger was trying to find a way to swap the two boxes. , Roger's wife kept urging Roger for the wedding anniversary trip. This made the administrator kindly let Roger remove the box. As a result, three works were successfully obtained by them.
Roger, while vacationing in Florida, discovered that his wife, Rose, exuded exactly the kind of charisma that the painting exuded, and more than that. When he succeeded in stealing the painting, when he faced the painting by himself, the image of his wife fascinated him on the beach appeared in front of him. Looking at this painting again, it had completely lost its original charm. Perhaps what he was after was the lost youth, that mysterious, lonely beauty, as if he imagined that he had become a gentleman, smiling and drinking with this lonely girl. And in the end he discovers that his wife is all that. 
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The Maiden Heist quotes

  • [last lines]

    Charles Peterson: We did good.

    Roger Barlow: We sure did. See you tomorrow.

  • Roger Barlow: Hey, why am I the one to blame? Money gets stolen and you automatically accuse me. How do I know you didn't take the money?

    Rose Barlow: Me? Oh how could you Roger? I'm your wife, your wife!

    Roger Barlow: You accused me.

    Rose Barlow: Well this money, Roger. This money was for us, together. To think that I would steal from my own cookie jar!

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