Superman: Red Son movie plot

2022-06-25 21:49
"Superman: Red Son" is Mark Millar 's whimsy, a three-volume comic that imagines how Superman would have gone if he had landed on a farm in Kansas, USA, but in the Soviet Union.
In this version, Superman becomes the helper of Stalin, while Lex Luthor becomes the President of the United States, using various black technologies to fight Superman. Characters such as Lewis, Wonder Woman, and Batman in DC Comics also have new settings.
At the end of the story, Mark Millar also arranged a "God Twist": . 
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Superman: Red Son quotes

  • Wonder Woman: I come from an island of all women. Work it out for yourself.

  • Superman: You used me! Manipulated me as if I was a brainless puppet!

    Brainiac: My methods were not unlike yours, only more efficent.

    Superman: Until now!

    [Heats up the forcefield to get to Brainiac who tries stop him using robotic arms but fail to Superman's strength, he then shoves his fist through Brainiac's body]

    Brainiac: [Last words] This is illogical, you're merely a being of flesh while I'm...

    Superman: A useless machine.

    [Tears Brainiac's head off with the spine, then crushes the head with his foot]

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