Five Times Two movie plot

2022-07-09 23:29
Le and Marie are a young couple in their thirties. The film is a flashback about five of the most important moments in their married life: Divorce - On February 17, 2003, they officially divorced. They had sex before they broke up; the rift - Gilles' brother visits with his gay guy and they talk about being completely honest in a relationship? It's a debate about mind and body, love and trust; having a baby - Mary had to give birth early because of an abnormal fetal position , and in the middle of the night she was alone in the hospital watching the newborn while Gilles was on the street Overwhelmed; marriage - "Would you like it?" "I will." At the wedding they danced to the sound of cheerful music and kissed long to the sound of the crowd's blessings, but when they returned to the hotel, Gilles was drunk and Mary Li changed her dress and watched the night by the lake alone; encounter - because of the wrong arrangement during the trip, Mary happened to meet Gilles, and they swam to the sea together in the twilight.
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