Nói albinói movie plot

2022-07-09 21:43
Is he a genius or an idiot? Seventeen-year-old Noel felt wiser than anyone else, unwilling to be ordinary and small and obey the laws of most people; Iceland in winter is like a white prison, and the frozen rivers and snow hide his youthful enthusiasm, which adds to his inner loneliness. His dream and the girl he loves both escaped from this place and rushed out of the cage, but fate seems to have the heart to oppose him, desperately rampaging, but in exchange for disappointment, and finally everything goes out of control, and only by paying a tragic price can he get what he yearns for freedom of. This is director Cary's first feature-length feature film. It has a delicate and sympathetic description of the miserable growth of teenagers, and the ending that is both sad and happy is more intriguing   .
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Nói albinói quotes

  • Kristmundur 'Kiddi Beikon' B. Kristmundsson: There's no music in this fucking piano.

  • Lína: Kiddi! What are you doing here?

    Kristmundur 'Kiddi Beikon' B. Kristmundsson: I've come to raise my son.

    Lína: Isn't that a little bit late?

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