Red Cliff II Screenplay

2022-03-27 08:01
Adapting the story of the Battle of Chibi into a screenplay can be a challenging task. The difficulties are mainly manifested in three aspects.
First, this real historical event happened 1,800 years ago in 208 AD, but it was not until the release of Luo Guanzhong's novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" more than 700 years ago that the story of the Three Kingdoms was widely circulated. However, in order to enhance the drama of the story, this novel does not hesitate to tamper with many historical facts. Director John Woo tried to restore history to its original appearance, so the script was mainly based on the historical book "Three Kingdoms" written by Chen Shou and other documents. However, in order to appease the loyal readers of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", he still extracted some entertaining materials and details from the novel. Zhuge Wuhou's "borrowing arrows on a straw boat" is one of them.
Second, the target audience of the film "Chibi" is not limited to Asia, but all countries and regions around the world. When shooting a movie about the Three Kingdoms, the generals Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu could not be missed. In particular, Guan Yunchang, the "Guan Gong", is enshrined as a god in many parts of Asia. But to Western audiences, so many heroes with names and names all sound alike. A high-level person from a major Hollywood company even suggested that the heroic deeds of all the generals of Sun and Liu's coalition should be placed on one person's head. Sitting in Roosevelt's wheelchair with a Churchill cigar is as funny. Due to the large number of heroes and the different battles before the Chibi War, the script of the film is very spectacular. It takes a lot of patience for a Western audience to enjoy a four-hour Chinese war movie that they can understand (subtitles) but cannot understand. The final solution is to divide the film into two parts, the upper and lower parts, and show them at different times when they are shown in the Asian region. The rest of the world was compiled into one episode, titled "John Woo Action Movie".
Third, the story of the Three Kingdoms is widely known in Asia. Every reader has his own interpretation of the plot and characters, especially for the screenwriter. For two and a half years from July 2004 to the beginning of 2007, John Woo invited Reed, Zou Jingzhi and other screenwriters to write the script for "Red Cliff", but none of them were able to satisfy him. In the end, he had to "go into battle" in person, first working with Hong Kong screenwriter Chen Han to sort out the outline of the story, and then working with Guo Zheng to write the characters and details. Guo Zheng was present throughout the filming of the film, ready to "fine-tune" the lines and dialogues at the director's request.
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