Red Cliff II movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
The plot of "Red Cliff II" follows the first part. Sun Liu teamed up to defeat Cao Jun in the land battle with the gossip array. Cao Cao set up camp opposite Chibi, and the war was about to break out.
The brave and skilled Sun Shangxiang dressed as a woman and disguised as a man, crossed the river and mixed into Cao's camp to find out the details, and got acquainted with a general of Cao's army named Sun Shucai. Later, the two fell in love. Sun Shucai also recruited Sun Shangxiang into his "cuju team". Cao Cao's navy was dissatisfied with the water, soil and climate in the south, and they fell ill one after another, causing the plague to spread. Cao Cao was unmoved, and even threw the bodies of his dead soldiers into the coalition camp. Although Zhuge Wuhou responded quickly, the plague still spread, many soldiers fell ill, and the morale of the coalition was severely damaged.
The war is imminent, the coalition forces are not dominant at this time, and arrows are urgently needed. Marquis Zhuge set up a trap, taking the opportunity to weaken Cao Jun's strength. He sent twenty straw boats linked end to end, taking advantage of the thick fog to feign attack Cao Cao's navy overnight. Cao Cao did not know what the plan was, so he ordered not to act rashly, and only asked the archers of the land and water armies to shoot arrows on the river. As a result, 20 straw boats loaded with more than 100,000 arrows returned successfully. In the early morning of the next day, Cao Cao suspected that there were spies in the army, and found a letter (actually forged by Zhou Lang) written by two of his navy leaders to Zhou Lang. Cao Cao was furious and ordered the two to be executed. The sailors were afraid of being implicated and fled for their lives, but they were all captured and executed for treason. Despite this, Cao Cao insisted on attacking the allied forces a few days later. His generous speeches finally turned the morale of the army around.
In the Chibi camp, the coalition army planned to use fire attack against Cao Cao's navy, because the warships were all linked together. But the west wind is very strong at the moment, and a little carelessness may burn the coalition's own warships. At this time, Sun Shangxiang returned to the south bank with a topographic map of Cao's camp. The coalition deployed tactics accordingly. Xiao Qiao ignored Zhou Lang's objection and went to Cao's camp alone, trying to persuade Cao Cao to withdraw his troops, at least to delay for some time. In fact, Cao Cao has always liked Xiao Qiao very much, and at this time he was even more attracted by her beauty. There are even more rumors that Cao Cao's purpose of raising an army is to win Xiao Qiao's heart. At this time, Marquis Zhuge Wu took all feasible measures to make preparations, and at the same time, Zhou Lang was also always ready, waiting for the time to come. Xiao Qiao was dealing with Cao Cao to distract him.
In the end, the direction of the wind really changed. Several burning warships in Jiangdong rushed into Cao Cao's naval camp. The wind took advantage of the fire, and Cao Ying immediately turned into a sea of ​​fire, and thousands of warships were burnt to the ground. Wu Jun also began to attack from the land. Cao Cao was caught off guard. But he quickly commanded the elite cavalry to counterattack and drove the Jiangdong Army to the riverside. At this moment, Liu Bei arrived with his troops, repelled Cao Cao, and took advantage of the situation to launch an attack on his fortress. Under the cover of Zhao Yun and Sun Quan, Zhou Lang rushed into Cao's camp and rescued Xiao Qiao. Cao Cao almost lost his life and had to flee. The 830,000 army was killed, and only a few hundred remained. In this battle, the Sun and Liu allied forces won a complete victory.
Seeing that Cao Cao's army was defeated, Zhou Lang ordered to withdraw his troops, leaving a way for Cao Cao to return to Emperor Xian of Han. After that, Zhuge Wuhou bid farewell to Zhou Lang and Xiao Qiao Yiyi. 
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  • Cecelia 2022-04-05 09:01:07

    The scene is better in domestic movies, but compared with foreign movies... the scene of burning Chibi is too fake...

  • Hollie 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    "Know a little bit about everything, so life will be more colorful" "With my many years of farming experience..." "You are out of date!"... There are more buzzwords than Feng Xiaogang!

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