Red Cliff II Investment and Scale

2022-03-27 08:01
The production cost of the film "Red Cliff" was 80 million US dollars, or 560 million yuan, which was the largest investment in Chinese-language films so far. When producer Zhang Jiazhen first contacted China Film Group Corporation, Chairman Han Sanping immediately expressed his full support.
In August 2006, China Film Group and the American Lion Rock Production Company signed a financing and distribution agreement for the film "Red Cliff". Lion Rock Productions is jointly owned by John Woo and Zhang Jiazhen and is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. Shortly thereafter, Taiwan's Central Entertainment, Japan's Aihui Entertainment, China's Orange Sky Entertainment and South Korea's Showbox stepped in one after another, each bearing a considerable proportion of the production budget.
In November 2006,officially signed a contract to become the general agent for overseas copyright sales of "Chibi". Pinnacle started pre-sale on the European film market at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2007, and soon sold the rights to most of Europe. At this time, there are still two months before the official launch of the film. Subsequently, producer Zhang Jiazhen sold the distribution rights in Hong Kong to Mayer. In addition, Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong provided differential financing, while CineFinance, a film financing insurer in the United States, provided a completion bond.
On April 14, 2007, "Chibi" officially started. The actual shooting time lasted eight and a half months. Due to the large scale and rich content of the film, it will be divided into two episodes in the Asian region and will be released in different schedules. In other parts of the world, the compilation will be released as an episode.
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    I just want to say that your CG ruined the whole movie.

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    Continuation of the previous episode's bad

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