Forever Strong movie plot

2022-10-20 18:07
The protagonist of the story was originally a star of the Arizona Flagpole football team, and later went to a teenage correctional center in Salt Lake City after a drunk driving accident. Entering the team in order to steal the coaching methods of its biggest rival, the Highlands, Highlands coach Larry Glicks taught him cooperation, brotherhood, honor, good character, and honesty. A year later, his father, who was also the coach of the flagpole team, took him home, out of tune with the rest of the team. His friends framed him and put him in jail. After all, he returned to the Highland team, met the flagpole team in the national championship, and finally won.
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Forever Strong quotes

  • Coach Richard Penning: [after asking Rick to behave unethically] This is our year. We deserve that title.

    Rick Penning: What do you mean "we?" My team is Highland.

    Coach Richard Penning: Okay, you see, you don't get to choose. You will leave this house or not, if we say. You will drive that car or not, if we say. You will go to Colorado or not, if I say, and right now I say that you will be at practice with your Razorbacks tomorrow. Rick, sit down.

    Rick Penning: Have me arrested.

  • Marty: Now, why's he smilin'?

    Lars: Let's crack open his head and find out.

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