Return to House on Haunted Hill movie plot

2022-10-20 18:00
The latest horror movie in the United States in 2007. " Gothika ", "Horror Wax Museum", ""The production group is another thriller sequel, once again challenging the limit of the audience's courage! Sarah Wolf (Stilyana Mitkova), the sequel to the super-horror blockbuster " House on Haunted Hill ", is the only survivor of the House on Haunted Hill incident at the Vannac mental sanatorium a few years ago. Sudden death. Her older sister, Avril Ramona Lavigne (Amanda Righetti), who works for a fashion magazine, had received several phone calls from her sister before, but was too busy to call back. Avril Ramona Lavigne, who doesn't believe her sister died by suicide, rushes to Sarah's apartment with photographer friend Paul (Tom Riley) to learn about a mysterious statue from her sister's diary. Soon, Avril Ramona Lavigne and Paul are kidnapped, and a group of criminals try to use them to find the statue, but their greed awakens the evil spirit again. 
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Return to House on Haunted Hill quotes

  • Michelle: [Michelle is at Dr. Hammer's book signing] So, what's a girl gotta do to get your autograph?

    [Cut to Michelle and Dr. Hammer having sex in his office]

  • Michelle: [Kyle walks in on Michelle and Dr. Hammer having sex] Dude! Can you knock?

    Kyle: Someone's working 'hard' on their Ph.D.

    Michelle: Fuck you, Kyle!

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