The Babysitters evaluation action

2022-04-13 08:01
Like " Juno " and " Hard Candy ," the film also corrects the film industry's overly pale portrayal of teenage characters.
--The New York Observer
Even if it effectively breaks away from 1970s pornography, the film still lacks credibility due to its overly blatant satire.
-- "Entertainment Weekly"
Although the film uses some obscure language to pass potentially uncomfortable images, it still makes a sharp and profound satire on the kind of greed and sexuality that exists in the suburbs.
-- " The New York Times "
Apparently, the film's writer-director, David Ross, was a little too addicted to the " Lolita Complex ," allowing a group of teenage girls to trick the audience with an overly pretentious, iconic type of sex.
- "Film Spark"
The whole story exudes an old musty smell. Similar themes have long been brought to the big screen. David Ross just picked up ready-made things and turned them around again.
- "Toronto Star"
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  • Desmond 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    All kinds of deformed emotions, all kinds of deformed relationships, all kinds of deformed campus life, all kinds of deformed student chickens.

  • Adonis 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    The life of the middle-class people in the United States is also enough!

The Babysitters quotes

  • Melissa Brown: You know what the pimps say: I didn't make her a ho. She was a ho already.

    Shirley Lyner: That's great. You heard that where?

  • Melissa Brown: It's a little silly to regret something that never happened, according to you.

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