The Babysitters behind the scenes gags

2022-04-13 08:01
· Howard Stern had intended to be a producer for the film, but finally had to withdraw for various reasons.
On the way Mike took Shirley home, they went to eat something. While waiting for dinner, Mike told Shirley about him and his wife. In this scene, the knife and fork are next to each other. After a while the food came, and when Xue Li was about to eat, the distance between the knife and the fork became farther.
Son Jem was reading a book while Mike was watching him in his room. In this shot, Jem's head rests on the pillow in front. As Mike got a little closer, his son's head rested so much that it almost rested on the backrest. Immediately after the next shot, the son's head is below again.
Shirley Lyner: Paid fellatio isn't that much more humiliating than flipping burgers….
Sherry Reiner: McDonald's work is more humiliating than paid blowjob.  
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The Babysitters quotes

  • Brenda Woodberg: I can't do this anymore!

    Shirley Lyner: Listen to me, Brenda. You want out? You are out. But... be... quiet.

    Melissa Brown: [walking up as Brenda exits, crying] What's going on?

    Shirley Lyner: Family problems.

    Melissa Brown: Yeah, no shit.

  • Gail Beltran: Michael, I'm only going to say this once. Were you - ?

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