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2022-03-22 08:01
No matter from the more tortuous content of the story or the controversial point of view, "Freedomland" can be called a good drama work. What's more, with the co-leadership of two powerful actors, and director Joe Ross's deep understanding of the story and full grasp of the film's trend, this slightly dark-style crime drama has caused quite a stir   .
In the face of The United States of America's increasingly prosperous TV series, Hollywood movies seem a bit eclipsed. But police detective films, as a film that once eclipsed the situation on the big screen, seem to have no intention of giving up their own territory. Moreover, in The United States of America, which has a high crime rate, such films will naturally attract a lot of attention. Of course, crime is just the beginning of "Freedomland", just like the "Freedomland" in the title is actually the "beautiful" name of an institution that has abused countless children, the controversy and deepness of the film are covered up in the bizarre crime cases from the very beginning. under. The complex script, which mixes many elements and has no small ambitions, is the essence of the novel, but it has also become a suspicious part of the film, which involves a lot of controversial material, even if the script adaptation work was written by the original author Richard. Price did it himself, and the effect was unconvincing. Fortunately, the powerful Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore joined forces to perform, and the film is at least full of details   .
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  • Ida 2022-03-27 09:01:22

    As soon as the hostess came up, she felt weird all over.

  • Kira 2022-03-23 09:03:33

    "I guess I knew somewhere in my head that Armstrong could take it. And that nobody, no individual would really be hurt by it, and that I could go on, you know, with some kind of life, but... no, you can't. You can't."

Freedomland quotes

  • Lorenzo Council: I tell you, 22 years of policing in this city things I see day in, day out makes it very, very hard to have faith in humanity.

  • Lorenzo Council: You know, you aren't the only person I got to visit in here today. My son, Jason... he's over in the state wing doing two to four for armed robbery.

    Brenda Martin: No.

    Lorenzo Council: Used my gun too.

    Lorenzo CouncilBrenda Martin: Oh, no.

    Lorenzo Council: Yeah. All my friends say to me: "Lorenzo, it ain't your fault that boy landed where he did. He got to take responsibility for that his own self. I ain't seen no pacifier in his mouth the last 10 years." Well, between you and me, it is my fault. I do feel responsible because the kind of man he is the kind of man I showed him how to be. High all the time. Selfish. Out of control. I was never there on a day-to-day basis. And when I was, I was fighting with his moms. Yeah, well, that's who I was.

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