Freeheld evaluation action

2022-03-31 08:01
As a whole, the film is smooth and textured. Especially in the love part, the director naturally brought out the process of the two heroines from encountering to falling in love)   .
The film is a film with gay rights as its core, but it is not hearty enough, and there is no convincing plot. Peter Soulett as the director of this film, the biggest problem is to make all the elements in the film become ordinary and bland. When cancer finally hits, the film finally finds some rhythm.
The one character flaw in the film is the rights fighter played by Steve Carell, whose stupidity and pomposity is beyond laughter, a role that would be more suitable for a parody movie, or something like Saturday Night Live. Talk Show   .
Director Soulette gave the film a naturalistic tone, focusing everything on the characters. As a film designed to tug at the heartstrings, the restraint of the soundtrack is commendable. However, on the whole, "Freeheld" has more than ambition but insufficient strength   .
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Freeheld quotes

  • Stacie Andree: Here come the dykes.

  • Steven Goldstein: Hell! If you and I got married tomorrow, I'd be entitled to your benefits!

    Laurel Hester: Wait, is that a proposal?

    Steven Goldstein: Oh honey. I would marry you, but I wouldn't know what to do with your vagina.

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