Freeheld movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
In 2002, Laurel, a police detective with 23 years of experience in handling cases, a homosexual who used to wear an exaggerated blonde wig, was as tough as any male colleague, including hers. Friend and partner Dane - Wells. Laurel was reluctant to expose his homosexuality and tried to hide it in his life. During a volleyball team event, I met Stacey, an auto mechanic.
In 2003, Laurie and Stacey bought a house with a joint loan. The two gays took care of each other and lived a quiet and happy life. After Laurel is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, Stacy is devastated and insists the two of them will survive. But the more realistic Laurel realized that without her own income, Stacey could not keep the house alone, so she wanted to transfer the pension to her girlfriend, but the application was rejected by the legislator . So Laurel dragged her weakened body to fight for equality for herself and her girlfriend, Stacey remained strong, and Dane supported her partner despite the opposition of her colleagues. 
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  • Cassandra 2022-04-09 09:01:07

    Win is real events, so you can't be hard on the script.

  • Lydia 2022-03-31 09:01:10

    "Steven" "Yeah?" "Don't call me honey" "I love you too".

Freeheld quotes

  • Dane Wells: [to his police team] Who's coming to the meeting?

    [no one responds]

    Dane Wells: [angrily] Oh, don't put yourselves out. Laurel would back any of you up in a heartbeat. And she's dying! But hey, you know, she's a dyke, so who gives a shit? Cowards!

  • Laurel Hester: When my heterosexual partners die. Their pension goes to their spouses. But because my partner is a woman, I don't get to do that. In my twenty three years of being a police officer, I've never asked for special treatment. I'm only asking for equality.

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