Frontera movie plot

2022-07-18 22:39
In pursuit of a better life, Mexicans Miguel and Jose decided to Smuggling to America. They met Olivia, a riding lady, who kindly showed them the way and gave them two bottles of water. Shortly after they separated, several teenagers drove to a nearby high ground to practice shooting. They spotted two Mexicans in the distance and were ready to shoot a few shots to scare them. Several shots were fired, and bullets hit the mound next to the two Mexicans, who hid in fear. Hearing the gunshots, the woman's husband, Roy, hurriedly drove the dune buggy to find his wife, while the woman, Olivia, drove back on horseback. The teenager Sean wanted to break a water bottle on the ground, but the bullet frightened Olivia's horse, Olivia fell off the horse, hit the back of the head with a stone and couldn't move. The Mexican Jose and several teenagers all fled. Miguel obeyed the woman's request and retrieved the horse that the woman was scared away. At this time, the woman's husband Roy arrived and saw his wife lying on the ground, and a stranger was leading his wife's horse. Standing aside, he reached out and drew his gun. Miguel had no excuse and had to flee.
Jose fled and joined two other Mexican Smugglings, three of whom robbed a home in Frontera and were arrested on the highway. Jose confessed that Miguel was at the scene of the shooting, and the police successfully arrested Miguel. A robbery should have ended here, but Roy, who had been a sheriff for 25 years, felt that there was something else behind the incident and decided to find out the truth himself.
At the same time, Miguel's wife Paulina was furious when she learned that her husband was arrested. She had to find a smuggling Smuggling, but was kidnapped by the Smuggling organization in a garage with a dozen other Smugglings.
Roy returned to the scene of the shooting and found the warhead in the mound, the smashed water bottle, and the cartridge case on the high ground. According to the markings on the case, the bullet belonged to the current Sheriff Randall, and Sean is Randall's son. In the vicinity of the crime scene, Roy witnessed a Smuggling being killed, and he knew that someone had fun shooting the Smuggling.
A couple opened the garage during a home inspection and found the imprisoned Smuggling, Paulina was rescued, and Miguel was released after Roy's efforts. At the end of the film, Roy sends Miguel back to Frontera and tells Miguel that he is willing to pay Miguel to repair the fence on Frontera. Miguel readily agrees and gets to work immediately. On the Mexican soil not far behind him, the family was eagerly waiting for Miguel's return, and on a nearby highland, the cold-blooded killer aimed at Miguel's head and slowly pulled the trigger.
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Frontera quotes

  • Sheriff Randall Hunt: You can't walk in here and tell me that Ramirez is without blame. I mean, none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for those goddam Mexicans walking across your land.

    Roy: None of this would have happened if you had changed the combination on your goddam gun locker.

  • Abuelo: As long as a man has his hands, he can make a living.

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