Frozen Fever movie plot

2022-04-01 08:01
The sunny kingdom of Arendelle finally ushered in Anna 'sbirthday. The memory of the two sisters' birthdays goes back to the years when Elsa was locked in the room, so Elsa attaches great importance to this special day.and Christopherhad meticulously prepared this birthday celebration a few weeks ago , and the serious and persistent queen will not allow the slightest mistake. When she confirmed that everything was ready, she arranged for the two partners to keep an eye on the venue to prevent the cake from being damaged, while she walked into the castle alone to wake up sleeping Anna. But maybe Elsa has been working so hard these past few weeks that she caught a cold. Elsa sneezed a lot along the way, and many miniature snowmen were born from the sneeze, causing a lot of trouble for the kingdom of Arendelle. . 
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  • Rahsaan 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    After a lapse of more than a year, I met Elsa and Anna on the screen again. They were deeply affectionate, and the true love of sisters was confirmed again, no doubt.

  • Nestor 2022-04-05 09:01:07

    【Cooked Deep Shadow/s/1qWGMrBu Size 00oz Meilan】

Frozen Fever quotes

  • Anna: Elsa, I'm thinking you might have a cold.

    Elsa: I don't get colds. Besides, a cold never bothered me anyway.

  • Olaf: [to the Snowgies which appear] Little brothers!

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