Frozen Fever evaluation action

2022-04-01 08:01
"Frozen Fever" can be described as "the sparrow is small, but it has all the internal organs". Compared with the feature film of "Frozen", this short film is more imaginative and more relaxed and funny. Although the plot is relatively oversimplified, the short film still continues the excellent visual effects and narrative style of "Frozen", and many of the characters in "Frozen" have been expanded. This short film is a test field for the imagination of screenwriters and painters. It is particularly worth mentioning that when Elsa sneezes, she will spray out many little snowmen. These ghostly little things are very similar to the "Minions". , to surprise the audience   . Overall, while the short film doesn't have the grand worldview and creativity of the original, watching Elsa and Anna have a fun birthday party is a real treat   .
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Frozen Fever quotes

  • Olaf: [Snowgies destroy the banner] I can fix it!

    [Snowgies launch themselves toward the cake]

    Kristoff: No! No!

    [he captures the Snowgies in a bowl]

    Olaf: All fixed!

    Kristoff: [looks at the banner, confused] Dry Banana Hippy Hat?

  • [at Elsa's ice palace where Marshmallow the giant snowman lives, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf visit, bringing with them the Snowgies]

    Olaf: [escorting the Snowgies in] This way, Sludge and Slush and Slide and Ansel and Flake and Fridge and Flurry and Powder and Crystal and Squalor and Patch and Sphere and William...

    Kristoff: [to a perplexed Marshmallow] Don't ask.

    [Marshmallow grunts in confusion]

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