Until the End of the World movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
At the end of the 1999 century, an Indian nuclear satellite was about to fall, and the earth was in a panic, which was regarded as the end of the world. Claire (Solveig Dommartin), who lives in Paris, meets and becomes fascinated by a suspected industrial spy, Trevor (William Hurt), while she is away from her boyfriend Eugene (Sam Neill). In a car accident, Claire knew two robbers and was entrusted with transporting a large amount of stolen money. Claire set out to find Trevor, a mysterious character. Their footprints have spread across four continents: from Nice, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Chase to San Francisco, Sydney, and finally to the aboriginal living area of ​​​​the deserted Cooper Petri in central Australia. In the process, Claire finally learns that Trevor's real name is Sam Farber. He is not an industrial spy, but the son of a scientist. The reason many private investigators chase him is that Faber Sr. (Max von Sydow) built a camera that the blind could see. So that Sam's blind mother (Jeanne Moreau) can see her relatives. Just when a group of people gathered in the Australian canyon, the nuclear satellite was shot down by the United States, and the nuclear magnetic wave interfered with the electrical equipment of the institute, and everything returned to its original state. The outside world does not know whether to live or die? This group of people started a series of experiments that surpassed human technology in the underground laboratory. The experiments of converting digital photography into brain waves and then into images were successful, finally allowing Sam's mother to see her family, and soon died of physical exhaustion. Before he died, his mother said, "It's better to not see, the world has become so ugly." Wenders's subtle words and righteousness are deeply presented here. After that, including old Faber, Sam and Claire all fell into the obsession with dreams. They turned dreams into visuals, allowing people to read dreams (Old Faber always wanted to win the Nobel Prize for this), the conflict between Sam and his father, and Claire's paranoia about childhood dreams. They netted tightly. Let everyone fall into paranoid lost. Only Eugene, who stated the incident, was sober. He knows that the world is not destroyed (it is only affected by the nuclear magnetic pulse), but this group of people is caught in the pursuit of an inextricable dream. So everything like Ulysses' roaming has reflections and answers   .
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Extended Reading
  • Kathryne 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    4.5; The five-hour volume is majestic enough, such as the epitome of a brief history of mankind - the space dimension, going through all parts of the world until it ascends into space; the time dimension, with the original civilization originating from the land resisting the erosion of industrialization/nuclear weapons, at the expense of reality The freshness of life achieves technological development; the cultural dimension, from recording history in language to indulging in memory/dream imaging, and finally saving it for writing. Exploring the dangers of ethical forbidden areas, creating self-destructing monsters, nuclear weapons and brainwave image generation are the means of internal and external presentation. Continuing the consistent themes and expressive techniques, and reconciling various image media, such as the Japanese section such as "Looking for Ozu" and the Australian section such as "Paris in Texas", the photography is breathtakingly beautiful, especially the dream figurative generation in the second half, which is psychedelic and dizzy. Qi Ru escapes into the abyss of narcissism; the soundtrack is as good as ever. The song of doomsday anxiety, composed on the premise of the end of the century, takes the writer's narration as the cut-in perspective and runs through it, so it has the meaning of "fictional" text and has a metaphor written by God. The front and back are slightly split, and I prefer to get lost in the soul maze in the second half, even with a hint of Herzog.

  • Matt 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    The DC version constitutes two types of exploration that can be independent but linked through the main theme: 007-style world travel + self-devoured family ethics drama. The most exciting part of the film is the sci-fi element that connects the top and bottom - the image consciousness machine. It not only explores the relationship between physical stimulation and memory synthesis in the philosophy of perception, but also goes deep into the pivotal position of the image in consciousness. It also discusses the ability of the image to counteract after being visualized, especially the medium. In the latter paragraph experiment, the film was completely turned into a video art installation that swallowed both the protagonist's consciousness and the film medium, and what confronted this machine was the voice subject of the main narrative - the writer who healed the heroine's image disease with words in the end. Bring back sanity. But the paradox is that the heroine finally arrives at the space station and returns to a kind of graphic world, but it behaves as if it has solved all human problems. This misleading myth runs through the whole film - the real world in the first half is used as the background cloth to quickly switch only To pave the way for the fictional white-earth mixed-scientific research oasis in the second half of the Australian desert - a hippie mystic paradise. In essence, the whole film is "you are my eyes" but only cares about you and not the world

Until the End of the World quotes

  • Eugene Fitzpatrick: [voice over] I'd always cherished the beginning of the Gospel According to John, "In the beginning, was the word." I was not afraid the Apocalypse would read, "In the end, there were only images." I didn't know the cure for the disease of images. All I knew was how to write. Winter had once said to me, "Words won't help us now, Mr. Fitzpatrick." But, words were all I had.

  • Car navigation system: Friendly reminder that you are over the speed-limit... Claire.

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