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2022-04-09 08:01
The gangster-themed "As Tears Go by" doesn't have a one-to-ten lone hero, nor a terrifying gang fight scene, but just two helpless young people in reality with their heads broken and desperate. The connotation that the film hopes to express is no longer the traditional meaning of River's lake. The film's creative concept, which is different from the mainstream trend, shows Wong Kar-wai's unconventional personality. The director did not portray the characters in the film as black and white people according to the general River's lake film model, but regarded them as flesh and blood. People with flaws to shape. Wong Kar-wai combines his own unique video style with traditional Hong Kong underworld action films, and brings a poetic and romantic feeling to the film with MTV-style abstract vision, thereby showing a different kind of action film from other action films. Alternative style.  
"As Tears Go by" is director Wong Kar-wai's debut, and it's also Andy Lau's first collaboration with Maggie Cheung, and of course Jacky Cheungemoticon. The strong contrast between Andy's handsome and heroic image and the tragic ending, as well as Wang Jie's classic song "Forget You Forget Me" left a very deep impression on the audience.  
The film is Wong Kar-wai's blockbuster out of trend. Andy Lau's image in the film has begun to have traces of Wong Kar-wai-esque characters. Although it is very affectionate, it exudes a sense of wandering and loneliness that does not know the future. Wong Kar-wai's bold use of MTV techniques for shooting has aroused many echoes and established his unique style. Andy Lau slammed the door for the black flies. Although a slow motion picture was less than 10 seconds, it was radiant and almost complete. Maggie Cheung's acting skills took this film as a watershed. After the filming of "As Tears Go by", her acting skills continued to improve until she was awarded the post of Berlin with "Ruan Lingyu". The underworld gangster played by Jacky Cheung is very good, the best performance since the movie.  
Although "As Tears Go by" is Wong Kar-wai's first film, it is rarely mentioned again. It's in an awkward position in Wong Kar-wai's films and even in the entire Hong Kong film scene. As long as a careful analysis of "Hero Film" and "As Tears Go by" shows that the former is full of justice and moral ideals, it is a well-ordered and orderly world; the plot of "As Tears Go by" was originally directed towards this feeling However, at the end of the film, the death of the two male protagonists was handled very coldly and humbly, completely subverting the "identity of heroes". Pull back to reality   .
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As Tears Go By quotes

  • Wah: People like us don't have tomorrows

  • Wah: I did a lot of things for our godfather too. By the age of 14, I was already getting paid to kill. I've got more guts than most guys, right? But look at me now. I'm just an ordinary guy!

    Fly: At least you were a hotshot for a while! But what about me? What about me? Everyone looks down on me. Does that make you happy? People think I'm nothing, like some stray dog just following you around! Did you know that? I'd rather be a hero for one day than go on being a fly all my life!

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