The Starving Games movie plot

2022-04-01 08:01
On the ruined continent of North America , there is an emerging country 'Shi Huiguo'. There are twelve administrative districts in the country, and a rich capital surrounded by administrative districts. The supreme and tyrannical and cruel capital city forces the 12 administrative regions to hand over one boy and one girl each between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in the annual "The Hunger Games", which is broadcast live on TV, and uses this terrorist method to maintain its authority. domination and state order.
Katniss, a 16-year-old girl who lives with her widowed mother and sister, volunteered to take part in the hunting game on behalf of her sister who was drawn on the "Drawing Day". She had walked on the brink of death, and now she was determined to die. But the brutal survival game inspired Katniss's strong will to survive, and she became a strong competitor in the game. On her hard-fought road to survival, she faces tough choices: survival, humanity, and love.
These tributes to participate in the game are not ordinary teenagers. They have been trained to survive by The Hunger Games since they were born. Katniss from Area 12 is one of them. In the training of a winning tribute teacher, she mastered the art of fighting and the necessary skills for survival. More importantly, she has a keen intuition. Those instincts will give her a head start in The Hunger Games. But if she's going to survive The Hunger Games, it's going to be a series of life and death, emotional and sinful considerations   .
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The Starving Games quotes

  • Dale: You know, we could run away from here. We could live someplace else.

    Kantmiss Evershot: Like where?

    Dale: Anywhere that's better than here. Darfur, Syria, New Jersey...

  • Voice: [off-camera] Hey, Phil, stay down there. Put your finger in his mouth.

    Peter Malarkey: PETER!

    [breaking character]

    Peter Malarkey: Okay. We're done. We're done with this.

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