Smurfs: The Lost Village movie plot

2022-02-04 08:24
Sister Lan discovers a lost map, leading the elves to speculate about the authenticity of the mysterious village. So, the curious sister Lan formed an adventure team with four friends, Cong Cong, Benben, and Jianjian. They left the Elf Village with Dad Lan on their backs and embarked on a journey of exploration full of unknowns. Along the way, the four little friends were excited about the novelty they saw, and panicked about falling into a dark cave. The journey was full of laughter and laughter, until they met their biggest opponent, Gagawu.
In order to be the first to find the legendary and mysterious Smurf village, Gargamel did everything possible to intercept the adventure team. A fierce confrontation between the old enemies was inevitable, which also added more uncertainty to this quest. It is worth noting that in addition to the pursuit and interception of Gaga Wu, a blue Detachment of Women wearing a mask, brave and fighting, also surrounded the adventure team   .
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Smurfs: The Lost Village quotes

  • Clumsy Smurf: What does this thing do?

    Brainy Smurf: I wouldn't touch it if I were you.

    Clumsy Smurf: Oh, now all l want to do is touch it.

  • Brainy Smurf: Hefty, bring me some firewood.

    Hefty Smurf: A little "please" would be nice.

    Brainy Smurf: Yes, it would, but I haven't got my politeness badge yet, so there you go.

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