JoJo's Bizarre Adventure movie plot

2022-02-04 08:21
Part 1 (Phantom Blood)
The Aztecs, the sons of the sun who were prosperous in ancient Mexico, spread a wonderful "Ghost Face".
It was a miracle mask that gave one the power to gain eternal life and become a true master. However, at some point, it disappeared from history.
Time flies, to the second half of the 19th century. Jonathan Joestar meets Dio Brando in an era of radical change in people's minds and lives. The two spent their childhood to youth together, and finally, because of the "stone ghost face", they embarked on a strange and strange fate. 
Part 2 (Battle Trends)
49 years after Jonathan's death, times have changed as time has passed. Spitwagen, who became an oil tycoon, has established his own consortium, and Strey has replaced Master Duo Pei as the heir to the Ripple Messenger family. At this moment, the ruins excavation team sent by the Spitwagen Foundation found a wonderful mummy in a ruin in Mexico. And beside the mummy, there is an ominous and eerie relief of a stone ghost face.
The karma between the Joestar family and the Stone Ghost Face is not over yet. 
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure quotes

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    Dio Brando: [activates his Stand] Za Warudo!

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